If you'd like to "freshen" up your gem, Pavé can pull your gem from the setting and have it professionally polished by our in-house lapidary before resetting it.  It's like having a brand new ring!

Gem polishing tourmaline, before very scratched, after good as new

The cost of gem polishing depends on the type and size - there is also a fee to reset the gem once it's been polished.  On occasion, a gem can be polished in the setting. Talk to your designer about your options.    

All gems have a Moh's rating for how easily they can scratch.  Diamond is at the top of the chart with a rating of 10 and every other gem ranks below the diamond.  See how your gem ranks below...

 Gemstone Mohs Rating (10 high)
Diamond 10
Sapphire 9
Ruby 9
Topaz 8
Spinel 8
Emerald 7.5
Aquamarine 7.5
Tourmaline 7.5
Beryl 7.5
Zircon 7.5
Garnet 6.5-7.5
Amethyst 7
Agate 7
Quartz 7
Tanzanite 6.5
Peridot 6.5
Opal 6 - 6.5
Moonstone 6
Labradorite 6
Turquoise 6
Sunstone 6
Lapis Lazuli 5.5
Coral* 3.5
Pearl* 3


*Organic materials used in jewelry but not technically a gemstone