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Our Story


Michael's journey into the world of jewelry started in a high school class where he discovered the allure of crafting beautiful pieces. The idea of infusing love into his creations and gifting them to loved ones ignited his passion. After graduating in 1977, Michael headed to California to learn the art of jewelry making. California's vibrant culture and scenic beauty captivated him an integral part of his journey.

With formal training as a diamond setter, Michael honed his skills in a prestigious trade shop, perfecting the art of precision. In 1983, he took the leap; starting his own jewelry business. His craftsmanship now combines skill, love, and the essence of California ~ creating timeless pieces that tell stories and capture hearts. Making his journey a testament to the power of passion and artistry.

"Courage is at the beginning of action

happiness is at the end"


Michael cherishes the role of safeguarding people's symbols of love. Whether meticulously repairing Grandma's treasured ring or crafting a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for a couple. Each piece carries intimate and sweet sentiments. For Michael and his team, it's about creating enduring beauty that transcends time and witnessing clients wearing and enjoying the creations for years. His greatest reward is, "bringing joy to our clients through jewelry"; a heartfelt mission that reflects his dedication to crafting precious memories that last a lifetime.

"You may say I'm a dreamer

but I'm not the only one"


This harmonious collaboration is more than just a workflow; it's a symphony of talents and expertise. The designers inspire with their creativity, the goldsmiths bring designs to life with their craftsmanship, and the behind-the-scenes team provides the essential support, allowing us to deliver jewelry that exceeds expectations. Together, they form the backbone of our company, working tirelessly towards the same objective: crafting exquisite pieces that reflect our passion for the art and our commitment to creating enduring beauty.

"Feeling greatful for rewards of my work"


Michael’s designs have been recognized by the American Gem Trade
 (AGTA) Spectrum Awards, and have won 23 to date,
even garnering the honor of having a winning piece on the AGTA national magazine’s cover. Deeply connected to generations offamilies in the Bay Area community, Pavé has been honored with the Best of the East Bay award frequently over the past 25 years.

"Nature is our greatest Inspiration"


With an artist's eye, Michael explores the diverse textures and patterns found in the Golden State landscapes. From the rugged coastline's intricate seashells to the organic movement of redwood’s growth, each piece in his collection encapsulates the essence of California. His jewelry is a harmonious blend of raw elegance, reflecting the untamed splendor of the West Coast, making each piece a wearable work of art.


Explore our wide selection of jewelry at our Rockridge store, or drop off pieces for repairs or services.

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5496 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618