"Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in"

Our metals & gemstones come from responsible & sustainable sources.
We only work with vendors who can guarantee conflict-free and ethical resources. We know each of our vendors personally and ensure that they also select their suppliers according to our ethical standards.

We're also going one step further: We also use recycled gemstones & metals whenever possible, which are evaluated and purchased by our experts.
Our vintage gemstones are just as durable, precious and stable in value as newly mined once. Although we do not know their exact origins, there is no need for new mining, which in many places still involves illegal mining, finances wars and permanently damages the environment. In this way, we can create new values from existing things with our gemstones. For us they are the most sustainable choice.



According to this belief, sustainability does not stop with the piece of jewelry, but continue throughout life. We not only pay attention to fairly sourced raw materials and long-lasting materials. We want you to enjoy your piece of jewelry for a lifetime. That’s why we offer a range of refurbishment and repair services to balance both function and budget when it comes to jewelry maintenance.

Pavé offers:

  • 100% recycled metals in our in-house castings and fabricated pieces
  • The ability to repurpose your own jewelry and gems into new pieces
  • Conflict-Free Diamonds
  • Vintage Diamonds and finished pieces
  • Canadian Diamonds
  • Lab-grown Diamonds and Colored Gems
  • Synthetic Diamonds and Colored Gems
  • Certified Fair Trade Colored Gems
  • Best practices in our own workshop to ensure the safety of our jewelers and care of the environment