Throughout your life, your fingers will change size; therefore a proper fit for a ring is essential.  Too loose and you risk losing it.  Too tight and it's uncomfortable and hard to remove.  When your ring doesn't fit properly, the Pavé goldsmiths can resize it locally in our workshop.

Ring sizing

The first step in sizing your ring is to come in and have one of our staff measure your finger.  Once we ascertain your correct size, we can discuss the various options available to you.  In most cases, we will cut the ring at the base, either add or subtract metal and then solder it back together.  The hallmark to a sizing done properly is that you won't see a seam.  The only thing you'll notice is that your ring fits!  

For a plain band, it is possible for us to stretch it instead of cutting it.  However, this can only done if we're going up/down no more than one size.  Also, if there are gemstones in the band or if it has open area or has been previously been sized, stretching would not be possible.  

Pricing is dependent on the type of metal, the thickness of the ring, as well as how many sizes we are going up/down. If there are gemstones, there is the possibility that they would need to be tightened after the sizing. Our staff can give you an estimate once we have factored in all of these variables. Timing is generally two weeks though exceptions can be made.