Environmental Benefit

As a part of our environmental commitment to only craft jewelry with recycled precious metals, we buy gold, platinum, and silver jewelry, as well as gold and silver coins. When you trade in your unwanted or broken jewelry, or use any recycled metal in a new piece, the carbon footprint decreases by about 99%. 

What to expect

When you come in, a member of our team will weigh, examine, and assess your pieces. After we have thoroughly examined your pieces, we will extend to you an offer, with the option to heighten that value if you opt for store credit towards any piece of our jewelry. Our monetary offer to you is based on the most current metal values. We always strive to do right by our clients, which means we will offer full transparency on our offer. 


Many clients choose to repurpose their unwanted, old, or broken jewelry into a new piece – we gladly extend this option. The cost of the custom design project will be decreased by the metal value, with no sacrifice to our impeccable craftsmanship and quality.