At Pavé, custom is our speciality. When it comes to the possibilities, there is no idea too elaborate, no dream too big. Whether your vision is to recreate a lost heirloom, recycle unworn jewelry into a new piece, or to make a meaningful design centered around something personal to you, our renowned team of designers and goldsmiths want to make that vision a reality. We always emphasize environmentally and ethically conscious practices, using responsibly sourced materials and crafting jewelry in our own workshop.


We offer a complimentary consultation as a part of the custom process. This is the time for all your questions to be voiced and answered. Tell us about your project! What would you like to create? Will you be bringing with you anything you'd like to use in the project (your own gemstones, a piece you would like to rework, etc)? 
We're so excited to work with you!