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Dainty Diamond Trio Ring on the ring finger and a marquise Baby Pink Spinel ring on the index finger. Both in rose gold and made in Oakland.

Photoshoot with Saunders & James

A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of being invited to Saunders & James' nail art photoshoot for this season's looks. Our jewelry paired so well with their artistic designs – both the nails and the rings popped!

Take a look! Photography by Amber McKee

Swirl of Events

Platinum diamond engagement ring with diamond accents

This look is completed with our 1.20 carat oval diamond platinum ring with diamond accents. This ring consistently ranks highly within our team as a favorite classic engagement ring. Made by Roberta, Joel, and Ellyn in our workshop. 

Beveled Edge

Cool tones are displayed within the nails and the center blue-green tourmaline, where our 22 karat yellow gold adds warmth. Made by Roberta in our workshop. 

Pattern Play

The blues within the nails create a wonderful contrast to our indigo sapphire ring. If you look really closely, you can see the diamonds we placed below the gem. Made by Roberta and Ellyn in our workshop. 

Clouds or Cows?

Our rose gold flower ring with white diamonds sits on the index and our 18 karat rose gold and diamonds band sits on the ring finger. Made by Roberta and Joel in our workshop. 

Princess Cut Corners

Our dainty diamond trio ring on the ring finger and a baby pink spinel ring on the index finger. Both in 18 karat rose gold. Made by Yas and Roberta in our workshop.