Deeta Thakural

Diamond Earrings

SKU: 120-03013


Both geometrically and organically inspired, these earrings by Deeta Thakural are a unique blend of textures that showcase a single diamond slice with a unique drop feature. The colored rose-cut diamonds add sparkle that complement the textured, triangular elements with their soft matte finish to form an individualized design. These earrings, comprised of 50 bezel-set diamonds, are built to shine. 

  • Designed and handcrafted by Deeta Thakural
  • 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold plated earrings with naturally sourced diamonds
  • Gems: 50 bezel-set rose-cut diamonds, 1.31ctw 
  • Scale: approx. 44mm x 11.4mm

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