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Rare Ancient Coin Ring in 22K Gold

SKU: 630-00245


Troas was a main urban center near the Aegean Sea in the land of Troy, present day west Turkey. 

In Homer's epic poem, The Odyssey, written around the 8th century BCE, the main character begins his long journey home to Ithaca in Troas.  

22 karat yellow gold ring designed by Michael Endlich with a rare ancient coin from the ancient Anatolian region of Troas featuring a ram’s head on the obverse and a square on the reverse, and with an allover matte redwood bark texture, in a finger size 7.25.

If your desired size is within +/- one size, we will take care of the resizing in our workshop, complimentary.

If your desired size is outside that range, we will either: recreate the ring, submit a special order, or resize it in our workshop. Please note: pricing may differ from that listed, particularly for sizing upward.

This takes time and thus does not abide by the standard shipping time of 2 days. We will be in contact with you with exact timelines. 

Please indicate your desired size in the Order Notes during checkout. 

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